What to expect

Restwell Home Plus is a family owned and operated care home with multiple levels of care to meet your loved one's needs.


What You Can Always Expect at Restwell


3 Home Cooked Meals Daily

24 hour Nursing Care

Independent Rooms & Bathrooms

Themed Dinners

Medication Management

Life Enriching Activities

Routine Family Communication

Large Common Area

Sunroom & Covered Patio

Built in 2018, RestWell offers our residents individualized, 24 hour nursing care with medication management.

24 hour care

24 Hour Care Home & Medication Management


Quality, 24-hour care for our residents comes standard. I create a customized care plan and Our staff will handle medication management for each of our residents with a dedicated Medical Doctor’s office on call. If you have a preferred physician of choice we will work with them too. We have the experience caring for those who live with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Parkinson's Disease and can take care of your loved one’s needs!

Private Bedroom

Independent Rooms


Every one of our 12 independent rooms in our care home includes a private bathroom and television and are kept to the highest standards of cleanliness.


We want our residents to have fun and enjoy themselves at RestWell.


With our life enriching activities every other day is where you'll find our residents enjoying themselves with activities like planting flowers, solving puzzles, catching up on the latest shows, baking, painting, bowling and more!

home cooked meals

Gather around the table at RestWell


Residents will come to enjoy 3 healthy servings of breakfast, lunch & dinner each day along with one indulgent dessert and snacks throughout the day. You’ll also love our themed dinner nights!

One thing you’ll come to find out is that our team prides itself in making home style cooked meals that everyone loves! As a family member, you are more than welcome to join us for meals with your loved one.


Spacious Areas


RestWell was built to have a large common area for gathering. There are also plenty of places where you can go if you want some privacy - like the sunroom or even the covered back patio and front porch.


What others say about RestWell

What others say about RestWell

“This is a beautiful place for your loved one. I can’t say enough about Rest Well. They are taking wonderful care of my Mom and she couldn’t be happier. It is great to know she is being so well taken care of. Great peace of mind. All of the staff are wonderful.“

"Caring, creative and compassionate are the words that come to mind when I think of my experience with the Restwell team. The environment is safe and comfortable. I feel I can trust my mom's care with RestWell."

"Wonderful place! So much compassion and care from the staff towards the residents."

"Beautiful Place!"